Borderland Books is the natural coming together of a lifelong passion as a reader & collector of Supernatural & Strange Literature and my Experience as a Full-Time Bookseller


we now focus entirely on Supernatural Fiction, Ghost Stories, Gothic Literature, Victorian Yellow-backs & Periodicals, Weird Fiction & Cult Oddities. Updates are posted via Twitter & Instagram on a daily basis.

So I will endeavour to leave no unheated bookshop, no lonely auction box, no musty attic, car boot table, church fete tabletop or gravestone unturned in the pursuit of Unearthing These Dark & Beautiful Obscurities.

as of 2020 our online gallery of macabre art can be found be visiting borderland press, just click on the 'art' tab and follow the link for limited edition prints and original artwork

to hold a low lamp over a forgotten Book and through the literary fog of research manage to place it alongside it's strange bedfellows and offer it up for sale. That is one part of the job...

But to dust it off and write a tweet IN 2018, and have a conversation with a passionate pack of Old and New Faces from all over the world, the ones who know and the one's who don't, that's what it's all about for me.... especially the new faces who have wandered into a thread and thought wow what is this weird shit! because that is where it all starts, A new reader, a new collector, A new blogger, A future librarian, A future bookdealer......Continuance

It was William Hope Hodgson who started it all for me so it had to be 'Borderland', A word imbued with uncanny potency and Spiritual Suggestion.

I hope you Enjoy the site



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