In Memory of Sarah Bailey

Louise Cooper

First New English Library paperback edition, 1977

Condition: Vg, small scuff to the top right corner, light wear along the spine hinge lengths, no spine creases. Scarce. 


"The white, ghastly face staring from the garden was unmistakably Sarah Bailey’s. And Sarah had been killed a month ago.

When Keith Sharwood tried to exorcise what he believed to be a ghost he found himself up against the one thing in the world of the supernatural that could truly terrify him — for Sarah carried the mark of the vampire.

Keith knew what it was to be cursed with the mark, and he had been desperately trying to forget the nightmare of his own experiences. But now it seemed that his only hope of destroying the power that had brought Sarah back from the dead was to fight fire with fire."


In Memory of Sarah Bailey - Louise Cooper - New English Library, 1977