University of Cambridge Certificate 

Large format on parchment paper, with engraved illustrated borders by F W Andrew del, floral motifs and designs.

Dated July 1914. The certificate has been made out to student Louisa A Barley (age 17) for outlined achievements in six categories and signed by the then Vice Chancellor M R James. The certificate has been filled out in another hand (no doubt the house tutor.)

The certificate had the edges folded to fit inside the corresponding book which accompanies this item. Fold lines to certificate edges and a couple of small nicks to the extremities. 


*Interesting to note that this was issued in July 1914, at the very outbreak of WWI, a poignant piece Monty James losing many of his Cambridge friends and students during the Great War. 

Anything signed by Monty is uncommon, this is a beautiful item for any collection, and would look wonderful framed. 

Montague Roades James Signed Certificate, Cambridge University