Typed MS, 41pp, 8vo. Good, Slender manuscript in faded puce card wraps with typed/stamped titles to the upper cover, spine is a little chipped and scuffed, covers have dulled/toned from pink, some general foxing and toning to the wrappers and pages. The ffep is inscribed by the author of the intoduction Thurston Holland Hibbert, (Viscount Knutsford) 'From T.H.H Feb 26th 1924' 


*A chilling tale of obsession concerning a country huntsman who dies on the hunting field in persuit of a weird, spectral 'bob-tailed' fox-like animal that always got away. Many years later the un-dead huntsman returns from the grave to settle the score. If you like your ghost stories set in the rural England of yore, steeped in myth, legend and folklore you'll love this little fireside tale which you can imagine being recounted over claret and mead around the roaring fire of an english country pub. It almost certainly written as an oral ghost story and evokes for me  legends of the black dog barghest or black shuck, and Herne the Hunter and other such folkloric yarns set in our wild, windy moors and haunted woodlands. The descriptive scenes of being lost and exhuasted in deep woodlands and the visceral, blood-thirst of 'the chase' are beautifully done as is the reveal of the spectral huntsman:


"It seemed hours that I stared with aching eyes, that I dared not blink, at the end of the ride where the Thing must appear. What I saw burnt into my brain. Out of the wood came Bride of Tyrone? white with lather, eyes wild and nostrils distended: the bit pressing on his mouth: the reins extended stiffly back from the bit to empty air above the withers. They were held by - nothing!...as he passed a sense of unutterable name-less horror and doom swept over me...blind with terror I drove my spurs into the horse and rode for my life" 


A version of it was published many years later but differs significantly to this original, unpublished  MS. An absolute joy of a thing, not to mention desirably unique.





The Haunted Hunt [Ralph John][Thurston Holland Hibbert, Viscount Knutsford]